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How to get your New Boiler via the Green Deal

Date: 14th Mar 2013   By: ciaran   Comments 4
Funding a new boiler is going to be a big part of the Green Deal  If you have an old boiler, that is ten years old or more, then there is a very high probability that you can get it … Continue reading

The Green Deal Scheme Explained

Date: 8th Mar 2013   By: Sachi   Comments 0
We have been receiving loads and loads of top content questions, which we tried to answer as soon as possible – Thanks for the great response people! Here is a list of questions answered, which were quite popular on the … Continue reading

The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme for Your Business

Date: 1st Mar 2013   By: Sachi   Comments 0
Introduced in 2011, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme sets out to financially reward businesses who take aim to use ‘green’ energy sources. According to is ‘the world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat’. The scheme for … Continue reading

Green Deal Provider: Costs of Assessments

Date: 20th Feb 2013   By: ciaran   Comments 0
Getting a Green Deal Assessment through a Green Deal Provider One of the ways to apply for a Green Deal is to go directly to a Green Deal Provider. Most Providers have associated themselves with a network of Green Deal … Continue reading

The Worlds Best Kept Secret – Transpired Solar Collectors

Date: 14th Feb 2013   By: Guest Blogger   Comments 1
Not many people have heard of Transpired Solar Collectors (TSC). In essence it is a very simple way to harness energy from the sun and if installed while a new building is being constructed does not add much to the … Continue reading

Green Deal Offers Cash Back for Early Adopters

Date: 7th Feb 2013   By: Guest Blogger   Comments 2
Some points to remember when applying for the Green Deal and some incentives not to miss! With the Green Deal officially launched at the end of last month Energie Solutions Ltd are working hard preparing for the ECO measures and … Continue reading

The Green Deal Has Launched!

Date: 28th Jan 2013   By: Sohaib   Comments 4
After months of delay, the Green Deal finally launches today, January 28th 2013! Homeowners can now be offered loans that will cut bills while making their homes more energy efficient than ever. Under the new government scheme, each household will have … Continue reading

Green Deal Products: What would you choose?

Date: 18th Jan 2013   By: ciaran   Comments 3
We are in the home straight and are all looking forward to having the first Green Deal Assessments done… very soon. As the Green Deal gets rolling it will be interesting to see how consumers flex their consumer choices and choose … Continue reading

The Green Deal is going for a proper launch 28th of Jan 2013

Date: 4th Jan 2013   By: ciaran   Comments 0
Green Deal is about to launch! (Don’t expect balloons, we’re still in austerity)   If you want to apply for the Green Deal here are some quick easy steps: Find a Green Deal Assessor in your area that will carry … Continue reading

Green Deal: 2013 is going to be BIG for the Initiative

Date: 20th Dec 2012   By: ciaran   Comments 0
The year is coming to a close, so we thought a little recap of 2012, it might help us all through January 2013. It’s going to be a hectic month, as the Green Deal launches… no this time we have … Continue reading