Green Deal Installers

Green Deal installers will be companies or individuals that have been checked and certified as Green Deal Installers. Consumer protection and robust standards are said to be two pillars of the Green Deal which will ensure it’s success. The Government has gone to great lengths to make sure that the Green Deal will not be let down by poor workmanship and Green Deal installations can only be carried out by certified Green Deal Installers.

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Are you a Green Deal Installer?

Green Deal Assessors

Who can become an installer?

For a company or individual to become an authorised Green Deal Installer, they must be a member of the certification body which certified them and comply with the Green Deal Code of Practice.  As long as the installer has passed the proper assessment criteria set out by the associated body, either the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)  or by the British Standards Institution  they will be eligible to carry out Green Deal installations.

What protection is there for consumers?

Installers must keep records of all Green Deal work carried out, which ensures work can be monitored at all times. This should protect the property owner and can be used to rectify any issues they may have with a Green Deal installer.  Green Deal providers will be the first port of call if there is a complaint about an installation and they will make decisions about how best to rectify complaints.

Property owners can choose to go directly to a Green Deal provider or can use an independent installer. However, if the property owner goes directly to a Green Deal provider, the provider will co-ordinate the installation work. This work will be carried out by in-house installers including after builders cleaning or sub-contracted out to other Green Deal approved independent installers.

Official Green Deal Providers may suggest or recommend certain Green Deal Installers and surveyors, but property owners do not have to use them. This keeps things unbiased and is designed to inspire confidence in Green Deal.