Green Deal Products

The Government is calling the technology that will be installed in buildings ‘measures’. The measures fall into two broad areas, the first being insulation and controls, such as lighting controls. The second area being power generation, such as micro power generation through PV solar panels or air source heat pumps. There are going to be many Green Deal Products being added as the initiative starts on the 28th of January 2013!

Use the links below to explore the different aspects that will be covered in the Green Deal.


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Solar Photovoltaics

Double Glazed Windows

Shower heat recovery

Micro Wind Generations

Cavity Wall Insulation

Heating Controls

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Under Floor insulation

Green Lighting

Micro CHP

Insulated doors

District Heating

Air Source Heat Pumps

Flat Roof Insulation

Biomass Room Heaters

Thermal Solar Power

Loft Insulation

Condensing Boiler (Gas or Oil)

Water Source Heat Pumps

Solid Wall Insulation

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Transpired Solar Collectors

Roof Insulation

Solar Water Heating

Hot Water Cylinder Insulation

Under-Floor Heating

Duct Insulation

Hot Water Efficient Showers & Taps

Pipe Insulation

HVAC Systems

Duct Sealing

Hot Water Controls

Air Conditioning Services

Hot Water Systems

Fan-Assisted Replacement Storage Heaters

Flue Gas Heat Recovery

Radiant Heating

Warm-Air Heating