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How to get your New Boiler via the Green Deal

Date: 14th Mar 2013   By: ciaran   Comments 5

Funding a new boiler is going to be a big part of the Green Deal 

If you have an old boiler, that is ten years old or more, then there is a very high probability that you can get it replaced via the Green Deal. The Government ran a boiler scappage scheme a few years ago to huge success and the Green Deal is going to work in a similar way.

The Green Deal’s Golden Rule states that all measures that are installed have to pay for the purchase and installation with the money that they will save once installed compared to the current situation. In plain English this means that an inefficient boiler can be replaced with a new efficencet one as long as the new one can pay the difference, which most will certainly do. In effect it’s a loan for the new boiler that will be paid back over a number of years.

There are a number of ways to get the ball rolling:

  • Call a Green Deal Provider and ask for a Green Deal Assessment of your property. You have to get the whole property assessed even if you are just looking for a boiler.
  • Call a Green Deal Assessor and ask for an assessment of the property. You can then take the assessment to a number of Green Deal Providers and Installers to undertake the work.

At the end of the day you need to sign an agreement with a Green Deal Provider, who will get the financial agreement in place to pay for the boiler. Hopefully if you go with a Provider who will envelope the cost of the assessment you won’t have to pay a penny for the work up front!

The repayments for the new boiler and all the work will be paid back through your energy provider, EDF or British Gas and so on. Make sure when you phone for an Assessment that your energy provider is one of the companies that has signed up for the Green Deal. The big six energy providers have but smaller ones are yet to join or can’t if they have under 250,000 customers.



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5 Responses to How to get your New Boiler via the Green Deal

  1. ALISON BARBER says:

    I have already qualified for loft and cavity wall insulation which will be completed at the end of March. How would I find out about my boiler being replaced and replacing my old double glazing as this also lets air into my home via gaps between doors and windows which have condensation in between the glazing? Many thanks in anticipation of a reply

  2. Thanks for the info / answers regarding how to get a new gas boiler on the Green Deal.

    Can you explain how a Heat Pump or Biomass boiler can be installed via the Green Deal please??

  3. ciaran says:

    The first step is to get a Green Deal Assessment on the property, this will highlight the issues you currently have. Then once the report is done you can hopefully opt for the biomass boiler. Its more than likely that you’ll be offered part funding, which can be annoying, but the first step is to get the assessment done.

  4. Great – thanks for your help

  5. Nisha says:

    I am interested in having my boiler replaced and double glazing to my old home.

    Kind regards
    Nisha Bangal