Green Deal Provider

Being a Green Deal provider is the top of the scheme over looking all the aspects of the Green Deal including finance assessment and installation.

Some of the biggest companies in the country have already signed up to be Green Deal Providers such as Tesco, M&S and B&Q. Over the coming months there will be more companies signing up.

Are you looking for a Green Deal Provider?

What will the providers actually provide?

If a company sets out to become a Green Deal provider they firstly need to provide a ‘Green Deal Plan’ this is a document setting out the way that the property will be assessed and how the finance will be collected and who will do the installations.

Once the Green Deal Plan has been agreed the provider will co-ordinate all the relevant parties to set the plan in motion. Providers will set the financial terms for the agreement as well as being responsible for all guarantees and warranties.

Some companies have indicated that they will be the ‘one stop’ shop, in that, they will provide all the services under one roof.

However there are also Providers who service one area of the Green Deal plan and then sub-contract out other areas. For instance one company might provide the finance but sub contract the assessment and installation out to others.

Will one company do everything?

The Green Deal is going to involve a number of companies such as becoming Green Deal Providers to the scheme, these will include;

  • Financial companies lending the money needed for the investments.
  • Accredited advisory companies, doing the assessments of the work that needs to be undertaken.
  • Power companies who will add the repayment charge to regular payment of energy bill.

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