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The Green Deal is going for a proper launch 28th of Jan 2013

Date: 4th Jan 2013   By: ciaran   Comments 0

Green Deal is about to launch! (Don’t expect balloons, we’re still in austerity)


If you want to apply for the Green Deal here are some quick easy steps:

Find a Green Deal Assessor in your area that will carry out an Assessment, you can search for a local provider here

*If your quick there are CASH BACK incentives to get more people on board. This money won’t be around forever. More details here

Once you have your Green Deal assessment you can go and find a Green Deal Provider who will organise the installation and set up the financial mechanism for getting the money back via your energy provider.

January the 28th is the date that all this can start to happen, but you can start to call around assessors in your area to find a good slot for your diary.

It’s been a long while coming but now it’s really beinging to take shape. Let’s hear your experiences, comments below.



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