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Green Deal Products: What would you choose?

Date: 18th Jan 2013   By: ciaran   Comments 3

We are in the home straight and are all looking forward to having the first Green Deal Assessments done… very soon. As the Green Deal gets rolling it will be interesting to see how consumers flex their consumer choices and choose Green Deal Products.

Each and every Green Deal measure that is employed into a building will use Green Deal Approve products to make sure that there is consistent quality and all products have been vetted before installation.

But where are all these products and what are the choices? Let’s have a look at what you can choose…. Not a lot at the moment. There are two big caveats that need to be considered before you can make a ‘choice’.

1. Green Deal Providers will be responsible for the Warranties and Guarantees of the measures installed. So they are going to be super picky about what products they approve for installation. The idea of choice will be in the hands of the Providers in one sense, so only the super reliable brands will be included in the Green Deal.

2. As each and every property is being assessed individually the products that are going to be viable for each installation will be small. Providers will protect their installations by only suggesting the best products for the applications.

This is really good news for consumers in that only the most reliable products with the longest warranties will be included in the Green Deal. Installers, Providers, Assessors and Products have gone through many stages to protect the end user from shoddy workmanship, which should make the Green Deal a shining example of what makes this a great scheme.

Let this initiative commence! (sounds so much better than ‘bring it on!’)

Do you think the Green Deal is going to be a great success?

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3 Responses to Green Deal Products: What would you choose?

  1. Graham Jukes says:

    I have been implementing energy efficiency improvements to our bungalow for the past fifteen years. One thing I have learned is that one should never stop searching for new ways to do this, because rising costs are ruthless and becoming more so every day of the year. One would be rather foolish not to get excited about this Green Deal opportunity.

  2. Helen Dalton says:

    Can you guarantee that providers of the Green Deal are going to be the most cost effective and use the best products, I have been chatting to someone who was considering being a provider for the Green Deal and he said that cost of materials are a lot higher because it is the green deal and are not as good as products he would use, which put him off doing it!!
    I hope certain companies aren’t going to exploit the people who really need help and make a lot of money out of this initiative as always there are a lot of people who will benefit from this, some who are already well off!!

  3. Sachi says:

    I understand the risk of acquiring the green deal as there is alot of money involved. However, we are starting to provide as many accredited GD companies as possible. All registered companies undergo some basic checks before they are published on the website.

    So don’t worry, we are doing our best to offer you the best of the best :)