Double Glazed Windows

Sponsor This PageA lot of heat can be lost through poorly insulated windows. The Green Deal will provide grants for double glazing and up to the cost of £10,000 for a home owner and possibly higher for a business owner.

Double glazing windows can last for 20 years and prices vary, due to different kinds of glazing, such as double or triple glazing, secondary glazing, or just heavier curtains.

Find Green Deal Providers for double glazing windows in your area or Green Deal Installers to fit them into your home.

Benefits for Double Glazing

  • Save up on your energy and heating bills
    According to Energy Saving Trust you will be able to save up at least £170 a year on your bills with a general single glazing. Hence, the costs and savings will be different for each window, depending on the material, size and which Green Deal Installer you choose.
  • Noise Reduction
    Double Glazing will insulate your home to the fullest against noise. Double Glazing usually has two sheets of glasses, which are about 16mm thick, in order to create an insulating barrier. Hence, the stronger and thicker the glazing, the more noise resistant will your house become.
  • Heat Retention
    Compared to normal windows double glazing will reduce heat loss, which means fewer draughts and cold spots. Obviously, it will keep heat away if it also keeps the noise to the lowest maximum. Frame materials and the style will be an important factor, depending on how well they will stop the heat from passing through the walls (Wall Insulation) and windows.
  • Home Security
    The name already says it all: DOUBLE glazing will give all burglars definitely a harder time to get into you house through the windows. Breaking those solid sheets of windows will require more than a single hammer.

However, it will take a long time till you see a return on your investment. Moreover, it is quite pricey for larger properties, but the after the return is back in your account, you’ll experience the difference and the savings you make in the future. AND NEVER FORGET the Golden Rule of the Green Deal will still apply for double glazed windows.

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